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Preschool and Pre-Kindergarten Programs


Program Options: Full time, Dual enrollment in HLC or MEVSD,  and School Day Schedule (9:00a-3:00p when MEVSD is in session)

Learning has never been so much fun!

Preparing your child for kindergarten and a lifetime of learning has never been so fun! Our individualized curriculum works with each child's interests and strengths to build a love of learning. 

Our daily hands on curriculum is centered around each child's interests and provides sensory, music, art, science, math, literacy and social learning experiences. Each child in our program will not only have fun each day but will learn something new along the way!

With our daily communication sheets, regular photos sent home and opportunities for parent involvement and learning, your child will be ready for kindergarten!


World of Wonders uses the fully accredited HighScope curriculum which has been used successfully for over 40 years. HighScope is based on decades of theory and research. This play based learning program focuses on child interest, individualized curriculum, and addressing over 40 areas of development. 


To find out more about the HighScope curriculum, we suggest you check out the source!



Each student in our early education program receives assessments regularly to make sure they are on track. These assessments are done primarily though observation and occasional fun and developmentally appropriate activities. Each student in our earl learning program receives:

  • An annual cognitive screening

  • An annual social emotional screening

  • On going developmental observations-results which are given to parents three times a year​

preschool room
preschool room
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