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Job Application

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Basic Job Qualifications
Please check off any of these that apply to you. If you do not check off a box you will need to discuss this during your interview. 

Basic job qualifications

Educational Information

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Previous Employement

Please note: If you applied through indeed, or are attaching a resume to this document, and indeed or your resume contains this information, you may skip this section

Please list your previous 3 employers below. By listing employers you are giving consent for World of Wonders to contact the organization for employment verification purposes. 

Pre-Interview Questions

Below is a list of 3 scenarios you may encounter in your position. Please give a short response to each

By clicking submit, you verify that your answers are true and complete to the best of your knowledge. If this application leads to employment, you are also agreeing to the following statement: I understand that false or misleading information on my application, or in my interview, may result in immediate termination. 

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