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Toddler Programs

We offer full time toddler programs

HighScope Wheel of Learning

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Adult Child Interaction

Each child receives daily one on one interactions and instruction to build social and communication skills. Each teacher works to build over 30 areas of development

Learning Environment

Our classrooms are designed to offer open ended learning opportunities while keeping your child interested in their learning!

Schedules and Routines

We phase children into a classroom routine in a natural way that helps them transition to a new classroom. Each day we have both active learning and learning through play opportunities


Each child at WOW receives annual cognitive and social/emotional screenings. Three times a year you will receive a developmental assessment and an ongoing child observation records. 

Your child's day at WOW

Choice Times

Children are given a choice of many activities, or they may create their own, while a teacher works to scaffold their learning and improve communition skills.

Outdoor Exploration

Weather appropriate, children go outside twice a day. If we cannot go outside, we engage in large motor time in the classroom. 

Nap and Rest Time

Children rest each day for a two hours period. We make sure they are comfortable and happy during this time.

Small Group Times

Teachers lead an engaging learning time that focuses on one or more of the 30 areas of development. 

Meals and Snacks

Children are given a morning and afternoon snack and children pack their own lunch. We serve fluid milk at each meal, although parents can provide a milk alternitive. 

Read it Again

We use the Read it Again program through The Ohio State University to build early literacy skills and start to prepare your child for a love of reading.

Morning Meeting

Each of our classrooms come together each morning in order to build a community and work on different learning goals. 

Body Care Times

We work with your child's interest and family's needs for potty training. No child is ever required to potty train at WOW. We work on self care skills during these times of day. 

Music and Movement

Children develop a variety of skills while participating in our educational music and movement time. 

HighScope Key Developmental Indicators 

Each child at WOW is prepared for a lifetime of learning by developing over 30 areas of knowledge. Each of these areas are focused on starting at a child’s first day at WOW, starting from our smallest infants, and continuing into our school aged program.

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