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Infant Programs

We offer full time programs for infants starting at 6 weeks of age.

HighScope Wheel of Learning

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Adult Child Interaction

Each child has a primary care giver that will stay in constant contact with you through our Procare App. Your child will work one on one daily on their individualized learning goals

Learning Environment

Our classrooms are full of ever changing learning materials, carefully picked to make sure you child is staying actively engaged and developing. 

Schedules and Routines

We believe it is important to follow each family's individualized schedules for their infant. You will update your teacher daily on expectations for your child's daily needs


Each child at WOW receives annual cognitive and social/emotional screenings. Three times a year you will receive a developmental assessment and an ongoing child observation records. 

Your child's day at WOW

Greeting Time

Each day you will meet with a teacher to discuss your child's schedule, mood and any requests you have for the day

Small Group Learning

Teachers lead a one on one lesson to build one area of your child's development

Music and Movement

Throughout the day your child will engage in songs, finger plays, and active movement to music. 

Body Care Time

Body care time is a learning time! We will actively engage your child during changes and handwashing to build communication and self care skills.

Choice Time

Teachers actively engage children as children follow their interests in order to build over 30 areas of development. 


Each child at WOW participates in a social/emotional learning program created to work on age appropriate skills and encourage healthy communication. 

Meals and Snacks

All food is provided by parents, and fed on your schedule until your child approaches 18 months of age. We use meals to build social and communication skills. 

Outdoor Exploration

Weather appropriate, children go outside daily. Young children go on a buggy ride, older children explore the playground. 

Naps and Rest

We will work with your schedule, and your child's needs to make sure they have plenty of rest while at WOW.

HighScope Key Developmental Indicators 

Each child at WOW is prepared for a lifetime of learning by developing over 30 areas of knowledge. Each of these areas are focused on starting at a child’s first day at WOW, starting from our smallest infants, and continuing into our school aged program.

infant room
infant room
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