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Infant Programs

 Program Options: Full Time


Individualized Care

World of Wonders uses a unique and individualized approach with our youngest students. Each child's parents give detailed instructions on their child's care-from feeding, to naps, to changing, that is used to create a care plan for each student in our program. Regular updates, daily communication, and primary care groupings allow our teachers to directly care for each of the children in our care. Our open door policy, and electronic communication system allow parents to stay up to date on the care of their children and pass along important information about their child.​


World of Wonders uses the fully accredited HighScope curriculum which has been used successfully for over 50 years. HighScope is based on decades of theory and research. This play based learning program focuses on child interest, individualized curriculum, and addressing over 40 areas of development. 

To find out more about the HighScope curriculum, we suggest you check out the source!



Each student in our early education program receives assessments regularly to make sure they are on track. These assessments are done primarily though observation and occasional fun and developmentally appropriate activities. Each student in our earl learning program receives:

  • An annual cognitive screening

  • An annual social emotional screening

  • On going developmental observations-results which are given to parents two times a year

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infant room
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