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Join the WOW Team! 


We are so glad you are interested in joining the WOW team! 

As Union County's oldest licensed childcare center we believe that anyone can be an educator. Below you will find some of the benefits of working at WOW. 

We are often looking to add educators to our team. If we are not currently hiring we can keep your application on file for the next position! 

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at

Tips for success:

Must have High School Diploma or GED Certificate (state requirement)

Must pass all State and Federal background checks (state and federal requirement)

Must be willing to further your career and learn new things (WOW requirement)

Must enjoy working in an active and fun environment! (WOW requirement)

Paid and Complete Training Process

Transparent Pay and Benefits

Anyone can be a techer

Employees are part of the policy making process

Individualized care is for everyone, including employees

Each new employee receives training for at least 3 weeks. It starts with picking the perfect age group for you and then training you specifically on your classroom and position. You will take a number of state mandated trainings, health and safety trainings, and sessions specifically geared to working at WOW. Click here for a bit more information on our training process----> New Employee Training Guide

The pay listed on the job add is what you can expect to be paid. Pay raises come each January. Please click here for more information on our benefits----> WOW Employee Benefits 

Experienced or not, we will train you. Anyone can be a teacher with training, mentoring and ongoing support. We have two administrators that act as mentors, experienced lead teachers, and team leads. Each employee at WOW always has someone to talk to if they need help, support, or have questions

Each employee is invited to join one or more committees that get to review policy changes and give feedback before they are put in place. Throughout the year we ask for feedback on events, training, and many other topics. As a non-profit, the voice of each employee is important in order to meet the needs of children, family, and employees in our care. 

WOW not only cares for children and families, but also employees. In times of need, times where more love and support is here, we help each other out.  Read employee stories here -------> WOW Employee Stories

Fun is required at WOW

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