At World of Wonders we work hard to create a safe and comfortable environment for each child. By providing a home like atmosphere we are able to help each child learn and grow at a developmentally appropriate pace!


  • HighScope Curriculum: World of Wonders has been using the HighScope curriculum for over 10 years. HighScope is an educational approach that emphasizes "active participatory learning." This means that children have a direct, hands-on experiences with people, objects, events, and ideas. Children's interests and choices become the basis for their educational experiences. Children work at a developmentally appropriate pace and are supported by adults in the classroom and parents at home. 

  • Environment: Our rooms are unlike any other! Each room is customized to the specific needs of our children. In the environment you will see toys ready for children to learn. Each of our classrooms encourage different types of play and learning. At even the youngest age you will see options for children to play and learn in groups, or independently. Materials are close at hand and ready for use! 

  • Early Literacy:  Environmental print is everywhere at World of Wonders. Teachers read to students each day and children of all ages participate in literacy activities appropriate for their age group. Around our center you will see a phonics based approach to reading called "Letter Links." This is a picture based literacy program that promotes reading even for the youngest learners. 

  • Plan, Do, Review! At World of Wonders each teacher customizes their schedules to meet the individual needs of their class. The daily schedules include small and large group times, morning meetings and active learning times. During active learning times children work with their teachers to plan their own learning experiences, participate in activities, and review them with an adult. This allows children to control their own learning experiences while being guided by a skillful teacher. 

  • Lesson Plans: Unlike many other early learning centers, we base all lessons on the interests, strengths and needs of our children. We do not have an administrator or company plan lessons for our students. Teachers work hard to create a weekly lesson plan that will spark the love of learning for their students.

  • Hands on Learning: Children at World of Wonders participate in hands on learning opportunities, freely, throughout the day. For a full list of areas your child will be learning about-click on a link below!

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