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From our parent surveys:

  • I would recommend WOW to anyone because of the family like atmosphere, great administration and good quality programs. We love WOW!
  • My child has blossomed into a “school” loving little boy.
  • When we were looking for childcare we wanted a place that was welcoming and had teachers that appeared to enjoy working with kids. That’s what we found in WOW.
  • As a single parent new to Marysville, I needed affordable and dependable child care. The cost, hours and quality of the program brought me to WOW.
  • Thank you, office and classroom staff, for making it easier for me to be a working mother. I never doubt the care my son is receiving, and know that he is as well-loved there as he is at home.
  • From day 1 I felt like the staff was loving and genuinely caring for the girls. I feel good about leaving them there. The staff is very easy to talk to and work with. 

Online Reviews:

  • ​I moved my daughter to WOW approx a year ago and I haven't looked back since. She is thriving at WOW! The teachers are amazing...each child has a special bond with their children. The administration staff is wonderful. They listen to their parents, teachers & children. If a child is acting out, they look at why and never label them as a problem. When my daughter had some struggles they began evaluating the situation and realize she was bored. We moved her up to the next level classroom and she had blossomed. The sense of community & family is very strong at WOW. I am at peace every day I send my daughter to school knowing she will be loved, watched over and challenged. I highly recommend WOW to anyone looking for childcare in the area.  –C.F. WOW MOM
  • My two daughters (3&5) moved to WOW from (name taken out-please see public review on Facebook for name of other center) when they were 2&4 due to constant unresolved issues, negligence, and down right rudeness . It was the best decision I ever made regarding their child care. When I drop them off in the morning, I feel like I'm dropping them off to close friends or family. Everyone is so genuinely nice and I know all their needs are being met. My youngest has some medical issues and food allergies that require her to take an entire tote bag of medications with her to school. I never doubt that she's getting the care she needs. The teachers are always willing to lend a helping hand and often going above the call of duty to do so. If questions or issues arise they are always quick to address them and they are always quick to get in touch with me if there's something they think I might want to know about. The office staff, director, and assistant director are amazing. I usually get caught in the office for at least 20 mins just talking when I go to pick up the girls. I've been to two big parties they've held and they were both great! There's so much involvement from the staff and always plenty to keep all the kids busy and having fun. You can tell everyone really genuinely enjoys what they do. Unfortunately, my girls spend a good portion of their day at a daycare facility. Having a "home away from home" for them is important and that's what we have with WOW. -A.G. WOW Mom
  • My two grand daughters are enrolled at WOW and have been for a while now, I am in there every Wednesday to pick them up and have attended numerous events there. I have always been very happy with the facility, teachers and staff. My grand daughters seem very happy there and comfortable. Thanks for taking such good care of our girls. -D.W. WOW Grandmother
  • Both of my kids have attended here since 12 weeks old, one is now in pre k and the other is in the toddler room. We have always been very happy with the staff and directors and office staff. It truly feels like they are family. Always a good morning or afternoon, how are you? Between the care my kids get and the curriculum they receive I wouldn't trust them anywhere else. I have no worries that my child will be completely ready for kindergarten with the education and social skills she has learned by going to World of Wonders!! -R.D. WOW Mom
  • My son has been at World of Wonders since he was 12 weeks old (he's now 9 and in 4th grade) and we have loved every minutes of it. He has actually started musing that he'll be sad when he can't go there any more after next summer, so if that isn't a 5 star review I'm not sure what is! If my child is happy, mama's happy! -J.C. WOW Mom