World of Wonders Child Care and Learning Center

Your child's Home away From Home

1150 Charles Lane, Marysville, OH 43040

Fun and Excitement

Our school aged program is built around student interest, meaning each child is able to follow their interests in a project based environment that will allow them to explore, socialize, and continue to learn in a natural environment. 

In our summer camp students go on four field trips a week, participate in community service experiences and complete summer learning programs so that they are prepared for school in the fall!

World of Wonders School Aged Program

Trusted for over 30 years!



World of Wonders uses the fully accredited HighScope curriculum which has been used successfully for over 40 years. HighScope is based on decades of theory and research.This play based learning program focuses on child interest, individualized curriculum, and keeps your child learning in a fun way when they are out of school!


 We provide transportation to all of the Marysville schools up through 6th grade. 

Consistent Care

Are you worried about unplanned days off? WOW will provide an engaging environment for your child on delay days, school closure days and holiday breaks!