World of Wonders
Child Care & Learning Center
1280 Charles Lane

PO Box 729
Marysville, OH 43040
Telephone: 937-644-1435
FAX: 937-644-2751

Join us on September 15th at 5:45 for our first Parent Committee Meeting of the year!

 Hello WOW parents!

My name is Rachel Ross and I am currently the Vice President of the WOW parent Board of Trustees. I have been on the board since May 2015 and I joined because I wanted to be more involved in my daughter’s care here at WOW.  As a board, we encourage WOW parents to attend the monthly board meetings to find out what is new or changing at the center and to allow for parents questions/concerns to be addressed.

At recent meetings, we have discussed ways to get more parents involved at WOW and have decided to create a WOW Parent Committee! The committee will be responsible for teacher appreciation events, assisting with special projects for the board, fundraising, etc. We would like to ask for WOW parent volunteers who would be interested in being a part of this committee. Please email me  if you would like to be on the committee and/or have ideas, suggestions, questions! You can also join our Facebook group at
Thank you!