By Clicking Submit: I understand that I am not guaranteed this time off. I understand that WOW administration reserves the right to approve or disapprove time off requests. Time off requests will be reviewed and considered for approval on a "First come, first granted" basis. Employees with paid time off accrued will be given priority. Unpaid time off may impact your performance evaluation as will emergency time off or unplanned time off. If you request more paid time off than you have accumulated, you will be only given paid time off for hours accrued. Time off requests may also be submitted with the paper form located in the office. 

WOW Employee Call Off Form

Are you a current employee? Are you feeling sick? Make sure you follow the leave policy found in your employee handbook

WOW Leave Request Form (For WOW employees only)

Remember-if it is less than 2 hours prior to your shift, you must also make verbal contact with an administrator or time off will not be approved.

To be approved leave you must receive an email back from Administration. Please check this email as it will tell you if your leave has been approved. 

Please refer to the complete Leave Policy if you need any further information. 

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