Spring has Sprung and it is time to enjoy being outside!

​WOW Early Learning Home Activities

While WOW is closed and your kiddos are at home we hope you continue to help your child develop and learn. Updates to this page to be made weekly but more learning ideas can be found on our Facebook Page! 

Sensory Fun

For this activity you will need: 1c flour, 1/4c salt/ 3/4c water, 2T cooking oil, food coloring (add in any scents you want or mix in a little Kool Aid for some more fun!)

Mix all ingredients together with your hands (add water a bit at a time, add more water in small amounts if needed) Have your child help measure and mix!). Mixture will stay good for about a week if you seal it in a plastic bag!

Expansion Activity: Find objects around the house or outside to press into your playdough!

Signs of the week!


Materials Needed: paper, paint, brushes. Optional expansion: find items outside to add to your creation!

Cut, or have your child cut, out the shape of a butterfly from paper (Make sure it is symmetrical). Have your child paint one side of the butterfly and fold butterfly in half to create a symmetrical creation. Talk about symmetry as a way to introduce new words. Glue items found outside onto your creation if you would like!

Outdoor Fun

Take turns drawing a follow the line game with your child. You can use sidewalk chalk, or if you don't have sidewalk chalk try using yarn, rope, or rocks to create a path!

For older children: String a piece of yarn around your yard and have your children follow it. Try having them follow the yarn blindfolded!

Bring Smiles to your community 

Write a letter, or draw a picture for a family or loved one! Send it through the mail and remember to tell them that you are learning so much at home!


For these activities you will need paper, markers, and found objects

Activity 1: Cut out circles with stems attached and write a number or simple equation in the flower. Have your child add the number of petals to make the answer. For little ones: Have your child pick up petals and help you glue them to the flowers, count as you add the petals

Use either colored paper or create a worksheet using markers. Have your child find objects around the house to create a rainbow. Count as you add objects! 

World of Wonders Child Care and Learning Center

Your child's Home away From Home


Materials Needed: Paper, Scissors, Markers (or a printer)

Create a "memory game" with flowers!

Cut out either 52 flowers, or cards that you draw flowers on.

Write the upper case letters on half, and the lower case letters on the other half. 

Turn them all over on the table and have children try to match them by flipping them over

For the little ones: Create the flowers, but only using upper case. have your child pick them up, hold them, or show your child the flowers/cards while you say the letters!